Common greeting/sayings in Ireland


5.1 - Common greeting/sayings in Ireland

There are many greetings and responses in Irish. These vary even depending on the dialect. Here are a few examples.

  Dia duit                          (Lit. God to you)
  Dia is Muire duit                 (Lit. God and Mary to you)

  Go mbeannai/ Dia duit             May God bless you
  Go mbeannai/ Dia is Muire duit    May God and Mary bless you
  Bail o/ Dhia ort                  The blessing of God on you
  Bail o/ Dhia is Muire duit        The blessing of God and Mary on you

  Go raibh maith agat                Thanks (Lit. May there be good at you) 
  Go dtaga do ri/ocht                May thy kingdom come
  Na/r laga Dia do la/mh             May God not weaken your hand
  Gura sla/n an sce/alai/            May the bearer of the news be safe
  Gurab amhlaidh duit                The same to you
  Ta/ fa/ilte romhat                 You are welcome

  Cad e/ (Goide/) mar ta/ tu/?       How are you? (Ti/r Chonaill)
  Ce/n chaoi 'bhfuil tu/?            How are you  (Connacht)
  Conas ata/ tu?                     How are you? (Mumhan)

  Ta/ me/ go maith                   I'm doing well
  An bhfuil aon rud u/r ag dul?      What's new?
  Aon sce/al 'ad?                    What's new? (Connacht)

  Sla/n leat                         Good Bye (said to one going)
  Sla/n agat                         Good Bye (said to one remaining)

  Sla/inte chugat                    Good health to you
  Gabhaim pardu/n agat               I beg your pardon
  Gabh mo leithsce/al                Pardon me (Lit. Accept my excuse)
  Ma/s e/ do thoil e/                If you please 
  Le do thoil                        Please
  Saol fada chugat                   Long life to you

For the following greetings Gurab amhlaidh duit is a common answer:

  Oi/che mhaith duit                 Good night  
  Codladh sa/mh duit                 A pleasant sleep
  Nollaig shona duit                 Happy Christmas
  Nollaig faoi she/an is faoi        A prosperous and pleasant
   mhaise duit                         Christmas
  Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit        A prosperous New Year

Terms of Endearment:

 a ghra/           
 a ru/n
 a sto/r
 a thaisce  
 a chroi/
 a chuisle
     my dear darling/love/treasure


 a ghra/ mo chroi/ 
     love of my heart!


 Imeacht gan teacht ort     
      May you leave without returning 
 Titim gan e/iri/ ort       
      May you fall without rising 
 Fa/n fada ort              
      Long travels to you 
 Go n-ithe an cat thu/ is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat
      May the cat eat you, and may the cat be eaten by the devil