Chronological list of dates of Irish History


8.2 - Chronological list of dates of Irish History

c.3000BC Megalithic tombs first constructed.
c.700BC  Celts arrive from parts of Gaul and Britain. Ireland divided 
	 into provinces. (This according to a contributor is reconstructed 
	 folk history and not based on the archaeology.)
c.AD350  Christianity reaches Ireland.
432      Traditional date for the arrival of St. Patrick in Ireland.  
700-800  Irish monasticism reaches its zenith.
795      Full-scale Viking invasion.
1014     Brian Boru/ defeats Vikings at Clontarf, but is murdered.
1169     Dermot MacMurrough, exiled king of Leinster, invites help
	 from 'Strongbow'.
1172     Pope decrees that Hery II of England is feudal lord of Ireland.
1366     Statues of Kilkenny belatedly forbid intermarriage of English and
	 Irish.  Gaelic culture unsuccessfully suppressed.
1534-40  Failed insurrection by Lord Offaly.
1541     Henry VIII proclaimed king (rather than feudal lord) of Ireland
1558-1603 Reign of Elizabeth I.  Policy of Plantation begins.  System of
	  counties adopted.
1595-1603 Failed uprising of Hugh O'Neil.
1607      Flight of the Earls; leading Ulster families go into exile.
1641      Charles I's policies cause insurrection in Ulster and Civil War in
1649      Cromwell invades Ireland.
1653      Under the Act of Settlement Cromwell's opponents stripped of land.
1689-90   Deposed James II flees to Ireland; defeated at the Battle of the
1704      Penal Code enacted; Catholics barred from voting, education and the
1775      American War of Independence forments Irish unrest.
1782      Grattan's Parliament persuades British to declare Irish
	  independence, but in name only.
1795      Foundation of the Orange Order.
1798      Wolfe Tone's uprising crushed.
1801      Ireland becomes part of Britain under the Act of Union.
1829      Catholic Emancipation Act passed after Daniel O'Connell elected 
	  as MP.
1845-48   The Great Famine.
1879-82   The Land War; Parnell encourages boycott of repressive landlords.
1914      Implementation of Home Rule postponed because of outbreak of World
	  War I.
1916      Easter Rising.  After the leaders are executed public opinion backs
1920-21   War between Britain and Ireland; Irish Free State and Northern
	  Ireland created.
1922      Civil war breaks out.
1932      De Valera elected.
1969      Rioting between Catholics and Protestants.  British troops called in.
1971      Provisional IRA begins campaign to oust British troops from Ireland.
1972      UK and Republic of Ireland join European Community. 'Bloody Sunday'
	  in Derry.
1985      Anglo-Irish Agreement signed.
1994	  Peace Declaration and IRA ceasefire.