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9.1.1 - Irish Times

The Irish Times is offering 32 issues for the price of 26.
England, Scotland & Wales IR#28.60
Airmail Continental Europe IR#46.02
Airmail Outside Europe, Incl. US IR#72.02

Subscriptions Department
The Irish Times Newspapers Ltd.
P.O. Box 74
10/16 D'Olier St.
Dublin 2
+353-1-6792022 or Fax:+353-1-6791321

Yearly subscriptions for $417 are available in the US from:-
The Irish Times
c/o Stanley Plitt
230 East 44th Street
New York
NY 10017

There is also an IT HTML page

The Irish Times is available in NYC in "Hoatling's International News" Hoatlings is on the south side of 42nd st.
Most Borders stores in the Mid-West (USA) also stock it.
The Bay Area is very good for Irish papers. In Berkeley, you can get the Saturday edition of the Irish Times, the Sunday Independent and the Monday edition of the Irish independent at Whelan's on Bancroft and Dave's Smoke Shop in the shopping mall off Durant.
Harold International news stand in San Francisco is even better, offering the above, plus the Sunday Press, Sunday World (!), Saturday's Cork Examiner and most of the weekly provincial press, as well as Hot Press.
Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard in LA stocks the Sunday Independent.