Contributors (in no particular order):

Craig Cockburn
Godfrey Nolan
Sean Kelley
Jeff Inglis
Colin Wilson
Frank Maloney
Lorraine MacDonald
Chris Brady
Caoimhin O Donnaile
Jack Campin
Michael Campbell
Shawn Mehan
Kev Robinson
Sharon Israel
Paul O'Kane
Bruce Hood
Liam Ferrie
Ken McDougall
James G. Dilmore
Stephanie Schmidt
Konrad A. Vasterman
Tony Killeen
Bill Grantham
Liam Greenslade
Phil Irwin
Barry Flanagan
Padraig Murphy
Mike Maxwell
Michael McGrath
Jim Jackson
Antoin O Lachtnain

plus many others who have sent me minor corrections and comments. Sorry if I left out anyone, it's been a complex process gathering and collating all the information - if anyone submitted material and didn't get mentioned above, then please contact me at for a mention in the next edition.