Am Cànan Ghàidhlig

Leasain Na Ghàidhlig

Click here for leasain na Ghàidhlig. These lessons are simple and are meant to encourage the reader to move on to any of the many fine tutorials available through any of the sources contained in this list. Ma tha ceistean agaibhse ma sgŕobh gu Seàn aig

Learning through Music

It is very useful to learn gaelic through the medium of songs. There are many recordings of gaelic singing that besides having great merit in their entertainment value also can benefit learners in terms of grammar, pronounciation, inflection and cadence.

Màiri Śne Lammond

Useful Organizations

These organizations are dedicated to enhancing gaelic today as a living language. All serious students and propnents of the language should join, support and participate fully in these groups.

Comunn Luchd-ionnsachaidh
An Comunn Gàidhealach

Latest Edition of the Daraida Quarterly Newsletter

Here is the latest edition of the Dalraida Quarterly Newsletter. It contains many interesting and sometimes amusing current event items about Scotland and the Celtic Nations.

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