RTÉ Radio (Internet) News


RTÉ Radio (Internet) News

Now you can hear recordings from Irish National Radio's (RTE) 8 am morning and 8 pm eveining world news broacasts. Click on the link and listen to the latest recorded braodcast. A great way for ex-pats to keep up with news at home. Ta an nuacht fheasgar as Gaeilge!.

* nuacht mhadainn

* nuacht fheasgar

Recordings of the past few days' news broadcasts are also available via ftp or gopher.

For a more thourough explanation fo what is going on with this whole crazy project, which is rapidly expanding ang getting some attention, click here for the RTE Homepage

If you are in Europe, then a better site to pull from would be the latest.au and nuacht_latest.au in britain.

If you are in Australia, your best bet for the latest files are via ftp from pell.anu.edu.au ( in /pub/obrien/.

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