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IN SEARCH OF JADUI RAM: Jhabua Revisited

 Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

 Maharishi Dr Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj gave me a pleasant surprise gift on my last birthday and promised me to show me “JADUI RAM” in Jhabua. He further said it was Parmahansa Shree Ramakrishna who referred the concept - Jadui Ram, that I would see in Jhabua.


Blessed with the bliss, with an empty mind I revisited Jhabua after a gap of 13 years, since then much water has flowed by in Narmada. I recall, in Indore Central Jail, I spent long hours to interview those convicts who were experiencing the immense result from the Ram Naam Jaap and the socalled stigmatised society got an opportunity to undergo auto-voluntary reformation from within as a result they got paroles, some were saved from the noose, some got honourable exit after the higher courts stepped in their favour. Such was the impact of Reformation through Ram Naam piloted by Maharshi Dr Vishwamitterji Maharaj in 1998.

That time I followed those ‘released’ prisoners to their home which mostly posited in Jhabua and around. What I saw, even outside the jail, immense reformation was going on amongst the tribal populations. Ram Naam was then showing the path of light, enlightenment and corrections were happening in the stigmatised society as Jhabua and Alirajpur was most notorious district and topped the crime list of Asia.

Jhabua Now:

Today, when I revisited Jhabua I found there was sea change in the soul content of the people. Though abject poverty, unfertile land, scarcity of water and medical facilities do remain the story line of reality even today. But socio-anthropologically speaking, the district no more figure in the notorious crime list of Asia and even its not falling under the top ten crime prone districts of Madhya Pradesh as former SP of Jhabua Shri RP Singh highlighted. Its the effect and result of Ram Naam movement which is ongoing over a decade. He told Ram Naam families has reduced the divides of communities and as a single family commanding respects from others. He even advised Police personnel to visit Shree Ram Sharanam so that they can be valued and respected in the society. Addl SP Shri Jagadish Dawar quipped that 90% of crime rate has come down here at Jhabua and thanked to the Ram Naam reformative revolutions which is taking place here. Today, Ram Naam is not only de-throwing the age old taboos and superstitions from the tribal community’s mind set, but also actualizing de addiction and social reformation from within and undoing many traditional aberrations of the society.

Experiencing Jadui Ram:

In Bhil society girl’s family get dowry from the groom’s side. A girl who, though from Ram Naam family got married to another bhil family, which was not so pious, and she wondered why her parents forced upon her this marriage. The groom family was in Toddy (local liquor) manufacturing business and all the members drank Toddy, consumed meat and indulged in aberrations. One day her husband also brought another lady to his house. The lady of the house finally took it upon herself to bring changes in her family and took vow of doing one crore twenty five lakh ram naam jaap so that she can enforce corrections. Before long, the business of the family changed as the jaap progressed. Drinking habit in the family has evaporated and changed their attitude towards her. Aberrations were shelved. Even other villagers, who also did toddy manufacturing also underwent change. It’s unimaginable that some six hundred Bhils of the village are part of the Ram Naam family today. The concerned family elevated their life style and became pious in their endeavour as her father in law himself confided. Such is Jadui Ram Ram, I was experiencing in Jhabua.

Contrasts in Tribal and Urban Societies:

I am an urbanite and resident of Delhi. I grew over the decades with Ram Naam Mantra of Shree Ram Sharanam Order. Smile, folded hands, Matching mala, show of humbleness and spotless dresses are the socalled forte of ours. But we are just in the rudimentary state of spiritualism as our mind is frozen for decades as we are still holding Mala and ventilating the pride of our count of Mala more as sociological expression than as spiritual experience. But in Jhabua and around those socalled unlettered tribal has become knowledgeable soul and become themselves mala of Param Guru Shree Ram. They have merged into eternal entity with very subtle social ventilations. The challenges they face cannot be fathomed by us but they are smiling with innocence and striding with deepest possible shraddha with no iota of inhibitions or doubt no matter they suffer or not, their wishes are fulfilled or not they are with Ram.

100% Proximity with Gurujans:

For these Tribal Sadhaks Swamiji Maharaj, Premji Maharaj and Dr Sahib, as they lovingly call Maharshi Vishwa Mitter ji Maharaj are doing celestial overtime duties to cater to those innocent souls. One of the Guru always stands by them in their hour of need as expressed in about 170 interviews we have taken. Swamiji Maharaj gives life to the dead, Premji Maharaj ji stands by in the hour of need and calamity and Maharishi inspires all in dynamic form of life within their failures and follies.

The difference between us and them is quite startling. We all urge to Meet Maharaj ji and somehow try to show our face(meaning giving Darshan and not seeking Darshan). We make Q to meet and have audience of Guru and try to rope him in into our mundane life and karmic ongoings and actually we snatch away the divine time of Guru for our personal interests.

Nearer to God though Away from Church:

But in Jhabua, its a different story. They have or even may not have yearly glimpse of Maharaj ji and even if their is a given chance they would not indulge with inter personal dialogue of mortal kind. Yet our three generations of Gurujan reside in their heart more precisely in their sub conscious mind which is embalmed with millions of Ram Naam Jaap in sound and silence. And they are closer to the God no matter away from Guru’s mortal Headquarter.

For Bhils Guru is their companion in good and bad times as many interviews revealed. I was astonished to see how hundred percent proximity of Guru they enjoy even without his presence. A tribal girl told me she was so depressed with social torture from her family that she thought of Committing suicide. Then, at night Guru appears and asked her to sing two lines of Bhajan. This changed her life and now she regularly renders bhajan in the Shree Ram Sharanam and successfully negotiating life and bringing corrections at house. Such is the Ram Kripa.

The power of Amritvani:

In Kalyanpura, Gopal a sadhak was alone reading Amritvani sitting on a chair outside the Shree Ram Sharanam Hall, in the evening. He saw a black NAGIR whisked passed his leg and pass through the chair without harming him, which is most unnatural for a snake. But Jaduai ram prevails here.

In Kali Devi Village, a muslim girl Arifa and few others saw a light emitting from nowhere took a circle of the Shree Ram Sharanam while the hall was echoing Sarbashakti Matey Shree Ramaye Namaha.

In another village a house holds Amritvani Patth every evening for the community. A boy from the family went out for a motor cycle ride with a friend. There they met with an accident with a speeding vehicle that over run the boy and he was carried to the hospital in unconscious state. He regained consciousness and said that he saw Shree Adhistanji and heard amritvani rendering. Luckily the boy was saved and only got few cuts.

Ram Naam Jaap—The Changing horizon of Tribal Life at Jhabua:

Here, life is tough, medical facilities are scanty and there is no buying capacity of the people here. Means of life are limited. To overcome all these, Bapu of Jhabua, constantly advises to do Purnima Jaap for forty nights, Amritvani Paath for forty days and seven times a day. And encourages to take Sankalpa of doing One crore and Twenty five thousand Jaap to overcome the short coming of life. Here people take sankalpa after sankalpa and do several lakhs of jaap and successfully negotiating the adversaries of life which visit them off and on. A lady got back her only son after twelve years once she resorted to intense Ram Naam Jaap. A still born girl was revived within 30 minutes by the jaap done by her uncle with passion and dedication. In another case a lady who was submerged in Navaratra Jaap got the news that her two son had fallen in a 25 ft gorge with their vehicle and the vehicle is beyond recognition. But to everybody’s disbelief the two sons of the lady were not only alive but had no major Injuries. Such is the Jadui Ram at work in Jhabua.

Prarthana Sabha – A SOS Centre

Community of Ram Naam Sadhaks functions together and are always available to each other calls. A young lady who was mowed down by tractor was immediately to be taken to hospital, and that too far off. Tractor worked as ambulance took her. But the villagers opened Shree Ram Sharanam hall and removed the curtain of Shree Adhistanji and sat for Jaap and sixty odd people continued this jaap for whole night and with the day break they got the news she was fine. Such is the power of Jaap and prayers for others.

Maharishi Dr Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj had constituted a Prarthana Sabha at Jhabua. Where people get respite within hours. When a Phone call comes in an emergency the message is relayed in the committee who are requested to sit for jaap immediately wherever they are. These jaap giving immense results and within short time the good news is relayed back to the Committee by the person for whom the prayer is undertaken. Such is the power of Prayer as those people who are enlisted there in the Sabha have had their own siddhi to pray in need for others and begetting results too. A boy reported about his father’s medical emergency to the Parthana Sabha. The father was terminally ill and doctor said he would survive few more hours and there is no point of shifting to big hospital. The boy gave his mala to his father and started also praying. The doctor being sure of himself called a hearse van instead of an ambulance. But after some time the man started responding and was advised to take him to big city hospital. With no available vehicle, the person was taken on the Dead-body carriage without any life saving facility. The man got back his life and thanks to all the prayers that flows in Jhabua and I saw Jadui Ram under the guidance of Maharishi Dr Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj. Some detail work is come shortly on my Jhabua visit, rather re-visit to fathom Jadui Ram.

 जादुई राम की खोज में झाबुआ की पुनः यात्रा (Hindi ver. PDF)

For Bhils Guru is their companion in good and bad times as many interviews revealed. I was astonished to see how hundred percent proximity of Guru they enjoy even without his presence. A tribal girl told me she was so depressed with social torture from her family that she thought of Committing suicide. Then, at night Guru appears and asked her to sing two lines of Bhajan. This changed her life and now she regularly renders bhajan in the Shree Ram Sharanam and successfully negotiating life and bringing corrections at house. Such is the Ram Kripa.   

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