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 Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

It was Purnima

the 12th January,1998

My date with my Guru.

His blessings,His radiance

His celestial sound

took me for eternal bathing!


It was brilliance of light

as if touchable, feelable.

It was Ram in varying frequency

explored the ether within

the pronunciation and

the phonetic pulses

took me for a swim

nay, swing in HIS lap!


I found myself

amidst the light and sound


For me it was Bliss

I could not utter

nay,never wanted to speak

as if my speechlessness

was the only communication.



Peace remained within

I forgot to talk aloud

or do emotional outbursts.

All around

synchronised with my


I merge and swim

in Ram, for my celestial destiny.

I have lost myself

and named myself again

Ramansha,a part of

all mighty, all pervading

My guru and He--Sri RAAUM.

I shall wait ....

I want to participate in

Universal healing,

Prepare me for that

My Guru.My only one.

Hereafter I tossed again and again on ‘Ram Naam Dhuli’ but being the worst and unworthy disciple I fumbled again and again in my spiritual course. Yet, every time I was lifted by my Param Guru as a mother lifts her crying child fallen on the ground with deepest touch of care, love and comfort.

I must admit most of my debacles are due to materialistic pressure and my spiritual journey was halted again and again like a passenger Train halting at every station. Nevertheless, after my Diksha I felt always blessed, possessed, guided and protected all the time. The concept of utterance of ‘Ram Naam’ created a linkage within myself which finally became the communication mode with my Guru. I recall in Greek mythology there were references of communication through ‘cosmic mind’. All these years I used to think its something practicable at very higher plane and not achievable by mortal like us! But in the post diksha state I discovered that it was possible and if one is serious and dedicated then one can hear, see and smell the aroma associated with Guru. I know you are sciptical, but I am narrating what I saw and felt and for me this is an unquestionable phenomenon! Though I have scientific frame of mind but I am too novice to use any scientific barometer, except my own self. Today science has proved that sound has creative and uncreative energy of all kind. But as a Sadhak I can say that ‘Sonic’ Ram in uttered and unuttered state creates a celestial linkage and Guru is also accessible through this system of communication.

After installing the ‘sound icon’ within ,the manifestive string of Raum Raum uttered at different frequency creates the harmony of natural law within and outside! And once our body and mind is inter-knitted with ‘Ram Ram’ like the beads of sonic garland then anything is possible. And I have experienced few of them!

From textual tradition it is learnt that Swamiji Maharaj Satyanandji always stressed on character building as a mandatory aspect for any Sadhak! So is emphasised by Dr Viswamitraji Maharajji who said that if one does constant japa then only one can actually control the negative qualities of life!

Well! this is a fact and I have experimented with it! I can vouch that all given negatives of our nature would take a backseat if one is serious, honest and effortlessly practise the Ram Ram Japa which gradually becomes Ajapa Japa and Ram Ram resounds within oneself even in deep sleep! In this state even the latent ‘negatives never dream to wake up’!

While on pilgrimage to Manali---the abode of God -- I encountered a vision of different world. While waiting to see my Guru I was standing facing SriRam Saranam, Manali. On the left side behind the Ram Durbar there is a towering mountain and on the top of it there appeared before me a celestial vision---a bust of Sri Ram. While looking at it, in my mind I was trying to negate,this as an illusion.But each time I tried to refrute it, my vision became stronger. However, I must confess, Ram Ram was stringing constantly within myself and hence the window of mystic kind opened up.

Sitting at the feet of Dr Viswamitraji Maharajji I learnt that the philosophy of SriRam Saranam is encapsulated in three Ss--Samyam. Simran and Seva. Samyam is the first which is nothing but self control and stress is given towards character building. For any Sadhak this should became the primary control system and the necessary to cruise across the spiritual ocean called ‘Ram Ram’ at pure sonic level.

Next ‘S’ is Simran or constant remembrance of Lords’ name. Japa is the mode and utterance of Ram Ram is the method without bringing any quiver on the lips. This internalised process invokes the Guna of Sri Ram within oneself and manifests in positive Karma which finally attains egoless state facilitating complete merger with the almighty and absolute submission to him.

The last ‘S’ is Seva. This seva or service to the God is not meant to be performed with money power or physical efforts. It is to be performed by praying for others in the Ram Durbar and propagate Universal brotherhood by professing the philosophy of Vasudhaiba Kutumbakam. The whole universe is one family.

My next learning process began when Dr Viswamitraji Maharajji blessed me and took me for three night Sadhana Satsang in Haridwar during October 1999. My experiences are narrated in this book which are mystic in character and cosmic in dimension! But at the expression level,I feel it is an effort on my part to l explain the taste of milk! Nevertheless,my Guru(s) and my Lord Sri Ram would write for me!

In my early teens I used to frequent many sacred corridors but nothing satisfied me. When I wrote the book ‘Sacred Hindu Symbols’ I knocked at many doors asking for alms of knowledge. Yet, to my inner self I remained unfulfilled. Of late wrote a book ‘Cosmic Vishnu and his thousand names’ with my father and was perhaps the unconscious beginning of understanding the philosophy of sacred name in the context of cosmic dynamism! In this venture my father helped me throughout my writings.   


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