Hey there!

The UNC-CH chapter of GIGO is presently redefining its purposes and directions, as we prepare to enter another exciting year. There will be some development on these pages, but at present, it will be limited in scope, pending availability of Web writers to work on the site. So...take a gander at what we've got up, enjoy, and feel free to send in commentary on what you see. We're always anxious to hear what people like and what can be improved.

If you're using Lynx (a text-based Web browser), Cello, Mosaic, or you are viewing these pages over a slow Internet link, you may wish to view these pages without the graphics, via our text-only version of these pages.

If you've not heard of us, and are wondering, "So just what the heck IS GIGO, anyway?", here's an explanation.

And for those of you who know us and would prefer to cut to the chase, as it were, here's our current site, for the UNC Chapter and GIGO National. Enjoy...:)

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