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By now, I think that you'll like to look at either my DocBook page or my WikiWiki.

There's no complete HTML personal page without this disclaimer: This page is under continuous construction.

This page is built using Emacs to write the HTML source and the CSS style.

Other sources of information

My WikiWiki system

My DocBook page

My Resume (Curriculum Vitae) (PDF) (portuguese) (PDF portuguese)

Packages and Apt repository

Here you can find the necessary configuration to use Apt. If you want to use the signed repository, you'd have to update all the listed files in /etc/apt by appending the contents of these files to them and also importing this GNUPG public key. You can get the key from several keyservers, if you want.

Just in case you don't want to use Apt (or want only to see what packages are available), you can click here.

UFPR -- Paraná's Federal University

Here you'll find some material that I or my team have written to some professor of our graduation course in Electrical Engineering.

As expected, all this material will be in Portuguese. Whenever possible, documents will be written in some non-proprietary format (such as DocBook or LaTeX), otherwise it will be written in Word for Windows (unfortunately, some people demand that).

Contacting the Author

If you have any suggestion, comment or correction on this page, please drop me a message.

Jorge Godoy