The Guide to the Triangle

Where the hell Chapel Hill is.

NC map

Get it? No? Well, read on.

When we talk about Chapel Hill music, we're really referring to music made in and around the triangle formed by Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina (shown handily in pink on the map above).

Why is this particular triangle, and its music scene, worthy of so much attention? Hmm. Three major and a half-dozen smaller universities provide the audience base and a portion of the raw talent. A couple of dozen clubs book live music on a regular basis. The Research Triangle Park provides the high-paying hightech jobs which in turn provide the wealthy patrons for the scads of restaurants which provide waiter/cook/dishwasher employment to all the musicians. (We've also got plenty of musicians who bypass the restaurant cycle and just go ahead and do the hightech jobs themselves.)

Yeah, well, if there's so much going on around there, how come I've never heard of any Chapel Hill bands?

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