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Aaron Puhala's Bucket Method for Green Rooting Bicolor.

 I use roughly equal parts peat, perlite and potting soil.  I think drainage is critical where the perlite seems to help.  I use "treepots" which are tall slender pots with good size openings on the bottom.  Cuttings are greenwood with a single leaf. 

If the leaf is large I cut part of it off.  The cuttings ends are dipped in liquid rooting hormone.

I apply bottom heat by sitting the bucket on a seed warming mat without a temperature controlller so I'm not sure about the temp.  There is constant condensation on the inside of the saran wrap so the humidity is at or very near the saturation point. The lighting is 14hrs per day fluorescent.  Another point, the "gravel" is actually crushed limestone (#9).

I don't know if this is an important point or not but I have never had the water go sour using it.

 Diagram of Bucket Method


 "Treepots (TM)" containers ("Short One" size)


 View into bucket, containers sitting on crushed limestone


 Bucket sitting on heating mat with clear plastic cover and overhead fluorescent lighting


High humidity causes constant condensation on plastic film

( Editor Søren Larsen )