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Please, make sure you fill out all the fields accuratly. This information will be seeing by many people, so, be considerate, try to save their time.
When typing the URL's, please, include "http://" part as well. Otherwise a browser will add SUNsite's prefix into the entered URL: the repository is implemented as a CGI output.

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The next section adds some code specific information: whether or not your application is GNOME aware, and what Gtk+ widgets you are using. This last feature might greatly help people who are just starting to code with Gtk+. If you are using widgets that are still lacking any documentation, plase, consider contributing to Gtk+ docs.

When typing the widgets, please, be reasonable. Do not put every signe parent or child of your widget. Please, also try to use "canonical" names -- use GtkButton instead of just "button widget". Please, also list Gdk objects: the docs on them are sparse, so people will really benefit from your exapmples.

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