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It's a laugh, it's a sharp karate kick, it's a "That's what you think." And it does a good job of summing up what's in this zine for women. Our stories have got a kind of, well. . . punchiness. Women who write for us have just gotta get it out.

If you've been stewing about women getting skinnier on magazine covers, this is the place to read about it. If you can't find what you want, write about it for us. Our contact information is below.

Our mission statement: Our vision of HA! is to provide a venue for women's voices and self-expression, as well as a forum for feminist issues. We recognize the diversity of women and therefore the existence of multiple feminisms. The Collective seeks to empower women by creating and strengthening connections, providing information and a community to enrich women's lives.

Enjoy the stories in our Web site. We've given you selections from the first issue, The Meaning of Words: What Does Feminism Mean to You?, and the second issue, Sexuality. And we've just finished putting the entire third issue, Women, Money, Work, and Housing, on-line! Check it out!!


 from Issue #1

 from Issue #2
Issue #3: On-Line Edition

For questions about the Web site, the print publication, and submission info, contact Lisa.