So I Picked a Sexist Industry. . .
Cory Ryan shares her experiences working in the film industry [read: rough].

by Kelly Ferguson, who makes a living as a very cool, hip Rock Star.

In Don't Ms. Out--Become a Mrs.,
our staff satirist
(a.k.a. Femi-Nazi Fatale)
tells us how we women can
get rich quick!

The Tantalizing World of Phone Sex
Joyce Ventimiglia gives the inside scoop on working as a phone sex girl.

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Putting this issue out was like birthing a baby—exhausting but so wonderful.
We asked women to write us with their thoughts on Women, Money, Work, and Housing, and they had a lot to say. We have stories of what women think about working with men, what they've had to do to make some money, their thoughts on the rising cost of living—oh, and, of course, that pesky 76 cents an hour issue.
Click on Rosie for the Table of Contents and enjoy.