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Phil Wadler's Homepage:

Intro to Links

Functional Programming on the Web and Continuations

PLT Scheme:

PLT Scheme Homepage

Graunke, Findler, Krishnamurthi, Felleisen. Modeling Web Interactions, ESOP 2003.

Paul Graunke, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Van der Hoeven and Matthias Felleisen. Programming the Web with High-Level Programming Languages. ESOP 2001.


Paper by Thiemann describing WASH:

Natural Expert

Nigel W. O. Hutchison, Ute Neuhaus, Manfred Schmidt-Schau, and Cordelia V. Hall.Natural expert: A commercial functional programming environment.J. of Functional Programming, 7(2):163-182, 1997. No Web address available!

Continuations and the Web

Christian Queinnec. The influence of browsers on evaluators or, continuations to program web servers.ICFP 2000

Christian Queinnec.Continuations and Web Servers.Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation 17(4): 277-295 (2004) No Web Address Available

Web Services, Types, and Composition

JWIG and BigWig

JWIG Homepage

Claus Brabrand,Anders Moeller. Michael I. Schwartzbach. The bigwig Project Transaction on Internet Technology, Vol 2(2), 2002

Distributed Programming


Erlang Open Source Project

XML Regular Expressions


XDuce on Sourceforge

Haruo Hosoya and Benjamin C. Pierce. XDuce: A Statically Typed XML Processing Language.ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 3(2):117-148, May 2003.


CDuce Homepage

V. Benzaken, G. Castagna, and A. Frisch. CDuce: An XML-Centric General-Purpose Language.Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Functional Programming 2003.

Database Access

Limsoon Wong. Kleisli, a Functional Query System.Journal of Functional Programming 10(1):19--56, January 2000. (Reviewed invited paper.) This paper gives a detailed technical overview of Kleisli.