Songs of love and life

Traditional Grass

Label:Rebel REB-CS 1721
Release Date:1995
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1995-09
   Amazon ASIN: B00000028Z

Song Information:

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1. A broken heart keeps beatin'2:10
2. Together in our hearts3:43
3. I can't go on this way2:03
4. Veil of white lace2:53
5. I'm making my way2:14
6. It's grand to have someone to love you2:48
7. My dollies would cry2:56
8. This love of ours3:09
9. Hard time sometimes2:30
10. My old pal3:05
11. Be true to yourself3:08
12. Two lonely hearts3:10
13. Gonna lay down my old guitar3:36