Gold rush at Copper Creek : a bluegrass and old-time music collection

Various artists

Label:Copper Creek CCCD 6001
Release Date:2002-04-23
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-08
County Sales:#253

Song Information:

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Before the prairie met the plowKeith Little
Bill Monroe-singer of lonesome songsJack Tottle
Black still watersBluegrass Alliance
The bluegrass soundJack Tottle
Carolina blueMaro Kawabata
Cincinnati SouthernJames Reams
Coal Creek marchTom, Brad & Alice
Coal dust in my soulJames Reams
Diamond JoeCrooked Jades
Dog passed a rye strawBill & Libby Hicks
East Virginia bluesKathy Kallick
Elvis on velvet, Monroe on grassGary Brewer
The farmer is the manBob Bovee & Gail Heil
Grandpa loved the Carolina mountainsRon Spears
Hard for to loveCrooked Jades
House of heartbreakPatent Pending
I need to findJones & Leva
If you see a lightLocal Exchange
Just walking and talkingDick Kimmel
Katy dearGeorge Shuffler & James Alan Shelton
Lost soldier sonChris Brashear
Loved you better than you knewGinny Hawker
Molly and MildredGary Brewer
My home far awayJohn Reischman
My long journey homeTony Ellis
NightingaleKeith Little
Old leatherGeorge Shuffler & James Alan Shelton
One day we shall be freeRoadside Theatre
Prairie girlJohn Reischman
Rattler treed a possumTom, Brad & Alice
Red rocking chairTony Ellis
SamanthaMaro Kawabata
Shady GroveKathy Kallick
Step out in the sunshineGinny Hawker
There was a time/Dyin' if I'm lyin'Roadside Theatre
Through the windowPatent Pending
Trail of the old lonesome pineRon Spears
Trust JesusLocal Exchange
Uncle Charlie's revengeBill & Libby Hicks
Uncle Henry's goneWolfe Brothers
Up on Sugar HillWolfe Brothers
Vertie's dreamJones & Leva
WanderlustChris Brashear
WaterboundDick Kimmel
Wayfaring strangerBluegrass Alliance
Yellow rose of TexasBob Bovee & Gail Heil