Rollin' along with Grandpa Jones

Grandpa Jones

Label:King 809
Release Date:1963
Country:United States ID: 6298888

Song Information:

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A-1. Rock Island Line2:42
A-2. Time, time, time, time2:18
A-3. Chickens don't roost too high2:30
A-4. My little nagging wife2:34
A-5. Take it on out the door2:35
A-6. You've come back to me2:40
A-7. My old Red River home2:43
A-8. Mule train3:05
B-1. Going down home2:40
B-2. bald headed end of the broom2:25
B-3. How many biscuits can you eat2:38
B-4. I often wonder why you changed your mind2:53
B-5. Happy little home in Arkansas2:32
B-6. Golden Rocket2:57
B-7. Daisy Dean2:20
B-8. Darby's ram2:50