The real deal

Big Country Bluegrass

Label:Hay Holler HH-CD 1364
Release Date:2002
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-01
County Sales:#258
   Amazon ASIN: B0001M7PLE
   Google Play: B7yomcgy4duljygpx57nvj3kxgi

Song Information:

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1. If I sink any lower3:17
2. I'll go stepping too2:21
3. I will say a prayer2:44
4. Double banjo blues2:29
5. We'll be sweethearts in Heaven2:36
6. I'll never shed another tear2:42
7. Let's go up on the mountainside2:36
8. Baby Blue Ridge blues2:44
9. All I want is you2:59
10. Are you sorry now?2:42
11. Wine tears3:00
12. Lost Indian2:09
13. Blue bonnet lane2:27
14. Take me to your lifeboat2:29