Mountain heritage

The Clifton Family

Label:Outlet STLP 1021
Release Date:1979
Country:United States ID: 3415297

Song Information:

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A-1. Dance around Molly2:15
A-2. I never will marry3:15
A-3. Crazy Creek2:08
A-4. Carry me back to the mountains3:00
A-5. Snow flake2:31
A-6. Life's railway to heaven2:55
A-7. Hoedown polka2:23
B-1. Sail away ladies1:43
B-2. Wandering boy3:15
B-3. Cherokee shuffle2:16
B-4. Wabash Cannon Ball2:36
B-5. Traveling the highway home2:40
B-6. Hole in the bottom of the sea2:20
B-7. The Old man and the old woman2:45