My blue tears

Rhonda Vincent

Label:Rebel REB-CD 7506
Release Date:2002-09-24
Country:United States
County Sales:#257 ID: 3821749
   Amazon ASIN: B00006JNDL
   Google Play: Bfqc6qnpheptp7zuyxuvgjgqgfa

Song Information:

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1. Good morning country rain2:58
2. Lone star state of mind3:07
3. Goin' gone4:21
4. Birmingham turnaround3:31
5. Deepening snow3:10
6. My blue tears2:24
7. We were almost like a dream come true2:51
8. Wishing well blues3:02
9. I'm not that lonely yet3:07
10. Love without a trace2:39
11. Mama's angels3:15
12. Bobby and Sarah2:36
13. Rise and shine2:24