January rain

The Lost & Found

Label:Rebel CD 1702
Release Date:1992-11
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B00000027X
   Google Play: B6orfuzyarxxkunq4yxoecbtjwi

Song Information:

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1. Love bug2:02
2. Sweethearts in heaven2:48
3. Sawmill road2:42
4. You can't make a heel tow the mark2:18
5. Farmer's daughter3:12
6. Happy tracks2:42
7. Your heart turned left2:32
8. Hey porter2:24
9. A slow burning fire2:13
10. I always get lonesome when it rains2:22
11. In too deep2:13
12. January rain3:17
13. Where do the good times go2:25