Best of the bluegrass mandolin

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 8672
Release Date:2002-06-11
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-07
   Amazon ASIN: B000066C1V

Song Information:

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1. Forked deerOsborne Brothers
2. The prisoner's songOsborne Brothers
3. Lucy in the skyCMH Studio Band
4. Border rideJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
5. Tyler's tuitionThe Masters
6. Samba pa tiKenny Blackwell
7. Farewell bluesJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
8. Kentucky waltzOsborne Brothers
9. RoanokeMarty Stuart
10. MargaritavilleCMH Studio Band
11. Grave in the valleyJim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys
12. Night runnerThe Masters
13. Black magic womanBrent Truitt
14. Going across the seaBill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys
15. You're the nearest thing to HeavenJim Silvers & Kenny Blackwell