The world's greatest bluegrass banjos

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 8417
Release Date:2002-10-15
Country:United States

Song Information:

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20. Farewell bluesWynn Osborne & his Bluegrass Playboys
19. Pretty red wingBluegrass Cardinals
18. Buck CreekCarl Story & his Rambling Mountaineers
17. Maryville breakdownPinnacle Boys
16. I wanna hold your handNashville Superpickers
15. TequilaWynn Osborne & his Bluegrass Playboys
14. Soldier's joyThe Stonemans
13. Cluck ol' henRamona Jones
12. Bile 'em cabbage downHeights of Grass
11. Memphis 5 stringArthur Smith & Don Reno
10. Old RattlerGrandpa Jones
9. Down that lonesome highwayDon Reno
8. Grass countryWynn Osborne & his Bluegrass Playboys
7. Roll in my sweet baby's armsLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass
6. Feudin' banjosDon Reno
5. Banjo's going homeOsborne Brothers
Place:Studio One, Nashville, TN
4. Limehouse bluesEddie Adcock
3. Darlin' CoreyBluegrass Cardinals
2. Drive timeNashville Grass
1. Foggy Mountain breakdownBenny Martin