Founding father of the bluegrass banjo

Don Reno

Label:CMH CD 8628
Release Date:2001-11-13
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-03
County Sales:#252

Song Information:

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25. Take me along for the ride
24. Bye bye blues
23. Long gone
22. He's coming back to Earth again
Composer:Don Reno
21. Skyline Drive
20. Miss Elsie's place
19. Limehouse blues
18. Cincinnati rag
17. The Lord's last supper
16. Banjo signal
Composer:Don Reno-Smiley Hobbs
15. One morning in May
14. Reno ride
13. I want to go back to the mountains
12. Dear old Dixie
11. Are you missing me
10. Five foot two eyes of blue
9. Country boy rock 'n' roll
8. Charlotte breakdown
7. I know you're married
6. Follow the leader
5. I'm using my Bible for a roadmap
4. Feudin' banjos
3. Home in the mountains
2. Dixie breakdown
1. I'm the talk of the town