Founding father of the bluegrass banjo

Don Reno

Label:CMH CD 8628
Release Date:2001-11-13
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-03
County Sales:#252

Song Information:

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1. I'm the talk of the town
2. Dixie breakdown
3. Home in the mountains
4. Feudin' banjos
5. I'm using my Bible for a roadmap
6. Follow the leader
7. I know you're married
8. Charlotte breakdown
9. Country boy rock 'n' roll
10. Five foot two eyes of blue
11. Are you missing me
12. Dear old Dixie
13. I want to go back to the mountains
14. Reno ride
15. One morning in May
16. Banjo signal
Composer:Don Reno-Smiley Hobbs
17. The Lord's last supper
18. Cincinnati rag
19. Limehouse blues
20. Miss Elsie's place
21. Skyline Drive
22. He's coming back to Earth again
Composer:Don Reno
23. Long gone
24. Bye bye blues
25. Take me along for the ride