Fire on the fiddle

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 5218
Release Date:2002-05-21
Country:United States

Song Information:

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13. Black and white ragJohnny Gimble
12. Rock Jenny rockFiddlin' Red Herron
11. Dusty millerPaul Warren
10. Peacock ragTater Tate
9. Leather britchesBluegrass Cardinals
8. Fat boy ragJohnny Gimble
7. Wabash cannonballBenny Martin
6. Limehouse bluesFiddlin' Red Herron
5. Ramona's choiceRamona Jones
4. Twilight waltzJohnny Gimble
3. Lee Highway bluesChubby Wise
2. Give the fiddler a dramFiddlin' Red Herron
1. Hornpipe medleyBuddy Spicher