Rhythm of the mountains

Various artists

Label:CMH CD 1708
Release Date:2002
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000078JKA
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Song Information:

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A-1. Darling CoreyBluegrass Cardinals 3:09
A-2. Fair and tender ladiesOsborne Brothers 2:51
A-3. I'll be all smiles tonightMac Wiseman 3:32
A-4. Wished I'd stayed in the wagon yardGrandpa Jones 1:56
A-5. Red rockin' chairMac Wiseman 2:51
A-6. Whipperwill songThe Stonemans 2:10
A-7. Don't let your deal go downMac Wiseman 2:53
A-8. The prisoner's songOsborne Brothers 2:54
A-9. In the baggage coach aheadMac Wiseman 2:43
A-10. Jesse JamesOsborne Brothers 2:18
A-11. Devil's dreamFiddlin' Red Herron 2:01
A-12. Girl in the blue velvet bandMac Wiseman 2:38
A-13. There'll come a timeGrandpa Jones 4:29
A-14. Dark hollowMac Wiseman 2:31
A-15. Are you from Dixie?Grandpa Jones 2:02
A-16. Life's railway to HeavenDonna Stoneman & the Stonemans 3:44
A-17. Will the circle be unbrokenRose Lee Maphis 3:20
A-18. Little rosewood casketMac Wiseman 4:16
A-19. Little log cabin in the laneThe Stonemans 2:40
A-20. Darby's RunGrandpa Jones 1:43
B-1. House of the Rising SunLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass 4:31
B-2. Little blossomMac Wiseman 3:09
B-3. Give the fiddler a dramFiddlin' Red Herron 2:07
B-4. Down the old plank roadGrandpa Jones 2:22
B-5. Whiskey before breakfastRamona Jones 1:34
B-6. Black eyed SuzyLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass 1:42
B-7. You are my flowerOsborne Brothers 3:05
B-8. Roll in my sweet baby's armsLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass 2:20
B-9. I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyesThe Stonemans 2:02
B-10. Little Liza JaneMerle Travis & Grandpa Jones 1:31
B-11. Pictures from life's other sideGrandpa Jones 4:32
B-12. Maple on the hillJoe Maphis 2:54
B-13. Rank strangers (to me)Osborne Brothers 3:00
B-14. Gathering flowers from the hillsideEddie Adcock Band 3:01
B-15. The blind girlGrandpa Jones 3:22
B-16. I wonder how the old folks are at homeMac Wiseman & the Osborne Brothers 2:48
B-17. Limehouse bluesDon Reno 2:10
Recording Date:1976
Place:Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte, NC
Instruments:Bill Harrell-g; Don Reno-bj; Dale Reno-m; Buck Ryan-f; Clay Smith-g; Arthur Smith-g/db; Ed Ferris-sb
B-18. Shuckin' the cornLester Flatt & the Nashville Grass 2:14
B-19. Arkansas travelerFiddlin' Red Herron 1:51
B-20. Old camp meetingBrown's Ferry Four 2:13