The essential Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass

Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass

Label:CMH CD 8414
Release Date:2003-01-14
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-03
County Sales:#261

Song Information:

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20. Thinking about you
19. Bummin' an old freight train
18. If I should wander back tonight
17. Black eyed Suzy
16. I still miss someone
15. We can't be darlings anymore
14. Foggy Mountain special
13. I live the life of Riley
12. Regina
11. Why did you wander
10. The ballad of Jed Clampett
9. Gonna have myself a ball
8. Why don't you tell me so
7. Drink that mash and talk that trash
6. Good times are past and gone
5. Please don't wake me
4. The legend of the Johnson Boys
3. Shuckin' the corn
2. Is it too late now
1. I don't care anymore