Bull's eye

Bull Harman

Label:No label 34878-2
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-02
County Sales:#237

Song Information:

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1. Fighting Irishman
Composer:Bull Harman
Instruments:Bull Harman-g; Alison Krauss-f
2. Unclouded day
Vocals:Rhonda Vincent-V; Alison Krauss-V; Tammy Harman-V
3. Nashville skyline rag
Composer:Bob Dylan
Instruments:Bull Harman-g; Kevin Liley-bj
4. Bull's eye
Composer:Bull Harman
Instruments:Bull Harman-g
5. Tennessee flat top box
Vocals:Stacy Harman-V; Tammy Harman-V; Lori Harman-V
6. Shenandoah breakdown
Instruments:Bull Harman-g; Bob Black-bj; Cecil Tinnon-m; Rob McDonnell-sb; Kirk Brandenberger-f
7. Am I losing you
Composer:Bull Harman
Instruments:Bull Harman-g
Vocals:4 Sisters and a Cousin-V
8. Gypsy dream
Composer:Bull Harman
Instruments:Bull Harman-g
9. How I long to be in the mountains
Composer:Irl Hess
Vocals:Rob McDonnell-V
10. Ridin' the Blue Ridge
Composer:Bull Harman
11. South train to Memphis
Composer:Bull Harman
Instruments:Bull Harman-g; Keith Adair-sb
Vocals:Tina Adair-V
12. I saw the light
Instruments:Bull Harman-g; Mike Harman-bj
13. Another time
Composer:Bull Harman