The unforgettable Molly O'Day

Molly O'Day & the Cumberland Mountain Folks

Label:Harmony HL 7299
Release Date:1963
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Teardrops falling in the snow
Composer:E.C. McCarty
A-2. Singing waterfall
Composer:H. Williams
A-3. The Drunken driver
Composer:L. Davis
A-4. When God comes to gather His jewels
Composer:H. Williams
A-5. A Hero's death
B-1. Too late, too late
Composer:L. Davis
B-2. This is the end
Composer:B. Carlisle
B-3. I don't care if tomorrow never comes
Composer:H. Williams
B-4. I heard my mother weeping
Composer:C. Story-L. Blanchard
B-5. Put my rubber doll away
Composer:Roy Acuff-G.W. Edgins