Ain't no binds

The Whites

Label:MCA 5820
Release Date:1987
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Run river run2:27
Composer:Katerina Kitridge-Gregg Brown
A-2. It should have been easy2:47
Composer:Bob McDill
A-3. There ain't no binds3:00
Composer:Bernie Nelson
A-4. Sunshine's just a smile away3:06
Composer:Dewayne Blackwell, Larry Bastian
A-5. She's written all over your face3:07
Composer:Carl Jackson-Bill Graham-Buddy Landon
B-1. You wouldn't be my first mistake2:19
Composer:Mike Dekle-Byron Hill
B-2. We did everything but love2:41
Composer:Jim Rushing-Dave Lindsey
B-3. Mama's rockin' chair3:07
Composer:Tim Menzies-Johnny MacRae
B-4. Jesus rock my baby3:38
Composer:Irene Kelly-Gordon Payne
B-5. Give me the key to your heart2:57
Composer:Dave Allen
B-6. Love can't ever get better than this3:49
Composer:Nancy Montgomery-Irene Kelly