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Molly O'Day & the Cumberland Mountain Folks

Label:Old Homestead OHCS 101
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. The tramp on the street
A-2. Matthew twenty four
A-3. I heard my mother weeping
A-4. At the first fall of snow
A-5. Mother's gone but not forgotten
A-6. Coming down from God
A-7. Teardrops falling in the snow
A-8. If you see my Saviour
B-1. When my time comes to go
B-2. Don't sell Daddy any more whiskey
B-3. Higher in my prayers
B-4. Traveling the highway home
B-5. When we see our redeemer's face
B-6. Something got hold of me
B-7. Waiting for the boys
B-8. A hero's death