Champion fiddler. Vol. 1

Curly Fox

Label:Rural Rhythm RRCF 251
Release Date:1972
Country:United States ID: 6955985

Song Information:

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A-1. Listen to the mockin' bird
A-2. Mississippi sawyer
A-3. Back to old Smokey Mountains
A-4. Alabama jubilee
A-5. Bread and gravy
A-6. Someone more lonesome
A-7. A pal like mother
A-8. Fifty year waltz
A-9. Long lost John
B-1. The train race
B-2. Keep them cold icy fingers off of me
B-3. Bully of the town
B-4. Hang out the front door key
B-5. Haste to the wedding
B-6. At the end of the lane
B-7. Paddy on the turnpike
B-8. Black Mountain rag
B-9. The funeral