Champion fiddler. Vol. 2

Curly Fox

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 252
Country:United States

Song Information:

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B-9. Over the waves
B-8. Mountain dew
B-7. Barclay blues
B-6. Floatin' down to Cotton Town
B-5. Curly's breakdown
B-4. Jack of diamonds
B-3. Fox chase
B-2. K.C. Railroad blues
B-1. History in a few words
A-9. Chinese breakdown
A-8. Listen to the mockin' bird
A-7. Bird in a gilded cage
A-6. Johnson's old gray mule
A-5. Spanish two-step
A-4. Maiden's prayer
A-3. Robert E. Lee
A-2. Sittin' on top of the world
A-1. Long lost John