Out standing in their field, 1963-1973. Vol. 2

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Smithsonian Folkways SF CD 40040
Release Date:1993
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1994-05
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   Amazon ASIN: B000001DI2
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Song Information:

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1. John Brown's dream1:31
2. Riding on that train2:19
3. The Titanic2:59
4. Don't get trouble in your mind2:15
5. Cowboy waltz1:49
6. Shut up in the mines of Coal Creek2:49
7. Private John Q2:03
8. Old Johnny Booker won't do3:01
9. I've always been a rambler3:16
10. Automobile trip through Alabama3:15
11. Who killed poor robin?3:52
12. My wife died on Saturday night2:18
13. Little Satchel2:47
14. Black bottom strut2:09
15. The cat's got the measles, the dog't got the whooping 2:55
16. Dear Okie2:14
17. Smoketown strut2:16
18. The little girl and the dreadful snake3:31
19. Fishing Creek blues2:01
20. 31 Depression blues3:13
21. Black Jack Daisy2:31
22. Victory rag2:05
23. The little carpenter2:50
24. On our turpentine farm2:51
25. Parlez-nous a boire3:35
26. Valse du bambocheur2:59
27. Old Joe Bone1:59