Hylo Brown & the Timberliners, 1954-1960

Hylo Brown & his Timberliners

Label:Bear Family BCD 15572
Release Date:1992
BG Unlimited:1992-11
County Sales:#187

Song Information:

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1-1. Flower blooming in the wildwood / Put my little sh
1-2. Blue eyed darling
1-3. Will the angels play their harps for me
1-4. The old home town
1-5. Love and wealth
1-6. I'll be all smiles tonight
1-7. Gathering flowers from the hillside
1-8. Little Joe
1-9. Darling Nellie across the sea
1-10. When it's lamp lighting time in the valley
1-11. Why do you weep dear willow
1-12. Test of love
1-13. Dark as a dungeon
1-14. Lost to a stranger
1-15. Sweethearts or strangers
1-16. In the clay beneath the tomb
1-17. The wrong kind of life
1-18. I'll be broken hearted
1-19. Let's stop fooling our hearts
1-20. Sweethearts or strangers
2-1. Lost to a stranger
2-2. Lovesick and sorrow
2-3. Get lost, you wolf!
2-4. A one-sided love affair
2-5. The only one
2-6. The prisoner's song
2-7. Nobody's darlin' but mine
2-8. One way train
2-9. Foolish pride
2-10. John Henry
2-11. There's more pretty girls than one
2-12. Stone wall
2-13. The shuffle of my feet
2-14. Your crazy heart
2-15. You can't relive the past
2-16. I've waited as long as I can
2-17. It's all over now
2-18. Thunder clouds of love
2-19. Just any old love
2-20. Darlin' how can you forget so soon?
2-21. Sweethearts or strangers
2-22. Test of love
2-23. Dark as a dungeon
2-24. Lost to a stranger
2-25. Sweethearts or strangers