Jim Eanes and the Shenandoah Valley Boys

Jim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Boys

Label:Bear Family BCD 15934
Release Date:1999
BG Unlimited:1999-11
County Sales:#236

Song Information:

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1. In a little Spanish restaurant
2. Ridin' the waves
3. I'd love to be your darling
4. I cried again
5. Between the lines
6. There's no place like home
7. Tomorrow may be different
8. The beginning of the end
9. Kiss me! Kiss me!
10. Little brown hand
11. When the one that you love is in love with
12. Gloomy tomorrow
13. Rose garden waltz
14. It takes a heap of livin'
15. Plunkin' rag
16. Take this broken heart
17. The things I love about you
18. Don't hand me that stuff
19. Cedric special
20. Just suppose
21. Shopworn heart
22. Cotton picker's stomp
23. Wiggle worm wiggle
24. Possum hollow
25. It's a shame
26. Sweet lovin' baby
27. Don't go lookin' for trouble
28. Baby blue eyes
29. A prisoner of war
30. I'm no Communist
31. They locked God outside the iron curtain