Live in Holland

Bob Paisley & the Southern Grass

Label:Strictly Country SCR 25
Release Date:1991
BG Unlimited:1992-02
County Sales:#188
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Song Information:

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1. My home's across the Blue Ridge MountainsBob Paisley
2. Have you lost all the loveBob Paisley
3. Think of what you've doneBob Paisley
4. Old hickory caneBob Paisley
5. MargieBob Paisley
6. Lonesome valleyBob Paisley
7. This and thatBob Paisley
8. Dark hollowBob Paisley
9. Behind these prison walls of loveBob Paisley
10. Slippin' awayBob Paisley
11. Train 45Bob Paisley
12. Old love affairBob Paisley
13. Darlin' Nellie across the seaBob Paisley
14. Old, old houseBob Paisley
15. Don't say goodbye if you love meBob Paisley