Who will calm the storm

Various artists

Label:Strictly Country SCR 26
Release Date:1991

Song Information:

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1. Little MaggieDel McCoury
2. A good man like meDel McCoury
3. No one will ever knowDel McCoury
4. Daley's reelDel McCoury
5. Two little boysBob Paisley
6. Fire on the mountainBob Paisley
7. No one elseJerrycan
8. Here todayJerrycan
9. Blue diamond minesDick Staber
10. Broken tieGood Ol' Persons
11. Easy substituteGood Ol' Persons
12. Jesusita en ChihuahuaGood Ol' Persons
13. Who will calm the stormLiz Meyer
14. CecilLiz Meyer
15. I'm so lonesome I could cryLiz Meyer
16. Katy HillHigh Country (California)
17. Are you tired of me?High Country (California)
18. Thought of gloryWhetstone Run
19. Tennessee bluesWhetstone Run
20. I'm not that good at goodbyeWhetstone Run