Aragon Mill

White Mountain Bluegrass

Label:Strictly Country SCR 30
Release Date:1992
BG Unlimited:1992-12

Song Information:

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1. I've had a time
2. Church on the foot of the hill
3. Dobro chimes
4. Aragon Mill
5. The one you slip around with
6. Five miles to Winchester
7. Achin' heart
8. I thought I heard you calling my name
9. Ragtime Annie
10. You ain't woman enough to take my man
11. I wonder how the old folks are at home
12. Shuckin' the corn
13. Papa played the dobro
14. Stranger in my home
15. The old spinning wheel
16. Daddy for a day
17. Prisoner song
18. Pathway of teardrops
19. I love God's way of living