Classic bluegrass

Jim Eanes & the Shenandoah Valley Boys

Label:Rebel CD 1116
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
County Sales:#188
   Amazon ASIN: B00000023M

Song Information:

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1. Where the cool waters flow
2. I'll pretend it's raining
3. Don't sweetheart me
4. All the good times are past and gone
5. Just for you
6. Baby blue eyes
7. The first rose
8. Orchids of love
9. Legend of the girl on the cliff
10. Rose garden waltz
11. Too old to dream
12. Old Mose
13. If I had my life to live over
14. Your wish is my command
15. Let me be your friend
16. Would it help me when I die
17. Freight train