The other side of the mountain: bluegrass, newgrass and beyond

Various artists

Label:Compass 7-4347-2
Release Date:2002
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-12

Song Information:

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1. Fair weatherAlison Brown
2. City chickensMatt Flinner
3. Handsome MollyNew Grange
4. Dixie hoedownPhillips, Grier & Flinner
5. Good day, there it goesJudith Edelman
6. Big man from SyracuseDarol Anger & Mike Marshall
7. Everyday I write the bookAlison Brown
8. Late on arrivalAlison Brown Quartet
9. RainmakerPeter Rowan & Drew Emmitt
10. Coal burnin' grease fireAnger/Marshall Band
11. Freedom rideDrew Emmitt
12. ZenergyVictor Wooten