Diary of a fiddler

Darol Anger

Label:Compass 7-4275-2
Release Date:1999-07-20
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1999-11
    Amazon ASIN: B00000JJJT

Song Information:

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1. Melt the teakettle5:20
2. Lee Highway blues4:29
3. Les barres de la prison3:32
4. Banish misfortune3:21
5. John Henry5:44
6. A little help from my friends3:57
7. Voodoo chile (slight return)5:01
8. Bemsha swing4:05
9. Tone guy's boogie2:40
10. Aran boat song4:17
11. Working on a building medley6:42
12. Willow garden fantasy4:09
13. Carroll County suite2:37
14. Celtic groove5:55
15. Celtic groove4:11