Classic bluegrass

Bill Harrell & the Virginians

Label:Rebel CD 1113
Release Date:1991
Country:United States
Barcode:032511111326 ID: 12876282
   Amazon ASIN: B00000023J

Song Information:

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1. Walking in the early morning dew3:00
2. On Whiskey Mountain2:21
3. Fire on the North Ridge tonight2:08
4. Cold November rain3:36
5. I want to go back to the mountains3:01
6. Do you remember?3:11
7. Please come back little pal3:04
8. Mary of the wild moor3:28
9. Story of Virgil Carter2:59
10. Blue Virginia blues3:13
11. Freight train boogie2:54
12. Lonesome with heartaches2:51
13. Sonny boy2:47
14. I can hear Virginia calling me3:14
15. Wreck of the old 973:13
16. Kentucky is just a smile away4:02
17. The angels will be taking care of you3:23
18. Reno bound2:27