The talk of the town : the definitive 50s masters

Don Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups

Label:Westside 808
Release Date:1999-08-24
Country:United Kingdom

Song Information:

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20. No longer a sweetheart of mine
19. Never get to hold you in my arms anymore
18. Country boy rock 'n' roll
17. I know you're married
16. Green Mountain hop
15. Home sweet home
14. Get behind me Satan
13. Double banjo blues
12. I'm the biggest liar in town
11. Barefoot Nellie
10. Charlotte breakdown
9. Someone will love me in Heaven
8. Tally ho
7. Since I've used my Bible for a roadmap
6. Choking the strings
5. I'm the talk of the town
4. There's another baby waiting for me down the line
3. Crazy finger blues
2. Maybe you will change your mind
1. I'm using my Bible for a roadmap