Rose of the west coast country

Rose Maddox

Label:Arhoolie 314
Release Date:1991
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Philadelphia lawyer
2. Let those brown eyes smile at me
3. Old black choo choo
4. Single girl
5. Dark as a dungeon
6. This old house
7. Sally let your bangs hang down
8. Rusty old halo
9. Dream of the miner's child
10. Ashes of love
11. Silver threads and golden needles
12. Foggy mountain top
13. Amazing grace
14. Rocky Top
15. When God dips his love in my heart
16. I can't feel at home anymore
17. Farther along
18. I'll fly away
19. Kneel at the cross
20. Turn your radio on
21. Beautiful bouquet
22. Take me in the lifeboat
23. Swing low sweet chariot