20 bluegrass favorites. Vol. 4

The Lewis Family

Label:Benson CD04264
Release Date:1995
Country:United States

Song Information:

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20. Jesus is the light
19. Flowers in the wildwood
18. Good and plenty
17. I'm gonna praise the Lord
16. He'll come walking on the water
15. I'm a crowd pleaser
14. Dig a little deeper
13. Love, sweet love
12. Take all the love
11. Let me go
10. Maybe when the sun comes up
9. Enjoyed, not endured
8. He holds me in his hands
7. The whale swallowed Jonah
6. A little at a time
5. Ever faithful friend
4. Lord, I wanna thank you
3. March around the throne one time for me
2. I'll walk them golden stairs
1. Banjo crossfire