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Larry Sparks

Label:Rebel REB 7536
Release Date:2017-03-17
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2017-05
County Sales:#344
   Amazon ASIN: B01MY5593L
   Google Play: Blhcfglr5m3zuy4x5crpjdmczem

Song Information:

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1. Think of what you've done
2. Life of sorrow
3. Brown-eyed darling
4. Waltz of the wind
5. The old spinning wheel
6. Be nobody's darling but mine2:48
Recording Date:2000
Place:Jordan Studio, Covington, KY
Instruments:Larry Sparks-g; Josh McMurray-bj; Scott Napier-m; Virgil Bowlin-bs
Vocals:L. Sparks-L
7. Lonesome and blue
8. Pretty little miss
9. Rock hearts
10. Cannonball blues
11. If that's the way you feel
12. Timberline
13. Heart trouble
14. Come back darling