18 wheels

Bass Mountain Boys

Label:CMH CD 6267
Release Date:1992
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1990-01

Song Information:

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14. I've lived a lot in my time2:40
13. The southland is calling me2:32
12. Take me in chains2:00
11. A special kind of breed2:16
10. My, my, my2:04
9. I'm leaving here2:50
8. Carolina moon2:55
7. Where honky tonk angels spread their wings3:16
6. He will open the gate2:56
5. East Tennessee (I'm headed back)2:20
4. These bars are so cold3:35
3. Everybody laugh with me2:04
2. She's loving me blind2:54
1. Eighteen wheels2:50